2019 Fashion Trends with The Burlap Sack

2019 Fashion Trends with The Burlap Sack

Jan 4th 2019

Keeping up with the “top trends” is honestly a tough task. The fashion we see during New York’s fashion week is not what we typically see out on the streets of our small Texas town. Although here at The Burlap Sack Boutique we not only make staying in style easy, but affordable as well. So here is a list of 5 top trends according to Pinterest’s 100 report and how YOU can be trendy with pieces found at here The Burlap Sack.

  1. “Logomania” - Logos are everywhere! A logo on a t-shirt just adds a very casual and cute vibe to an outfit. Pair the t-shirt with a cute pair of jeans, fun shoes, and a cardigan for the perfect outfit for a chilly day.



Get a similar look...

T-Shirt: http://www.theburlapsack.com/perfect-graphic-tee/

Cardigan: http://www.theburlapsack.com/z-supply-the-sleek-jersey-duster/

Jeans: http://www.theburlapsack.com/gisele-highrise-larson/

Shoes: http://www.theburlapsack.com/gwen-bootie-black/

2. Big Earrings: These bold earrings are sure to make a statement!


3. Wide Legged Bottoms: Whether they are jeans or pants these bottoms are so fun and versatile!

Get a similar look…

Top: http://www.theburlapsack.com/dear-john-olivia-classic-tee-soft-peach/

Bottoms: http://www.theburlapsack.com/koshibo-stripe-print-pant/

Shoes: http://www.theburlapsack.com/cullen-12-heels/

4. Long Layers: During this Winter Season, bundling up is a MUST and long layers is the way to go!

Cardigan: http://www.theburlapsack.com/entro-shawl-collar-maxi-cardigan/

Top: http://www.theburlapsack.com/wanderlux-slay-all-day-v-neck-long-sleeve-tee/

Bottoms: http://www.theburlapsack.com/high-waist-5-pocket-skinny-jean/

5. The Original Blue Jean: Let’s face it, an original blue jean can’t be beat.

Top: http://www.theburlapsack.com/cayenne-knit-top/