Dear John Jeans Fit Guide Part 1

Dear John Jeans Fit Guide Part 1

May 16th 2018

Dear John fit guide

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is never ending. Women all need different things from their denim. We are all built a little bit differently. The founders of Dear John denim recognized this and in 2012 they launched a denim company with the vision to make jeans for the average woman. They wanted high quality, comfortable denim at an affordable price. At the Burlap Sack, we love Dear John jeans and we wanted to share why. First of all they have several different cuts and styles, which means we can stock jeans for every body type and event. Secondly, they are so comfortable. They feel like yoga pants, and even though they are so comfortable, they do not lose shape over the day like other jeans. The mission of Dear John is to make jeans for every woman. Affordable, comfortable and stylish.

Metro Fit

The metro fit is a jegging. It has an 8” rise with a 31” inseam. They are stretchy and so comfortable, you will want to wear them everyday. We carry them in a couple of different washes, so you can have a pair for every outfit.

These are perfect for a t-shirt with tennis shoes, to go to the grocery store or a baseball game. Pair them with sandals and a pretty shirt for a dressier look.

Joyrich Fit

The Joyrich fit is going to be your true jean- not a jegging. It also has an 8” rise and a 31” inseam. It is not quite as stretchy as the metro fit, but it definitely still has that stretch we all love. The lower leg and hemline is more relaxed while still maintaining the skinny jean look. It is an awesome everyday jean, and it is ready to do whatever you need to do.

These will be perfect for those lazy days at home when you still want to look stylish. Wear these on your summer trip with an oversized tee, or on the airplane on the way to your beach vacation.

The Gisele Fit is a high rise skinny. With a 9” rise, it is the highest rise jean that we carry. It has a 31” inseam with a 10” hemline. It has all the style of high rise jeans and and they are still so comfortable.

Wear the Gisele fit with a tucked in shirt and sandals for a casual stylish look . With the high rise fit, these jeans look amazing with anything from an over sized shirt to a bodysuit.