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Men's Bath + Body

  • Busch Beer Soap


    Duke Cannon's idea of charcuterie is a plate of beef sticks with a bowl of flavored tortilla chips. And then washing it down with a cold, crisp Bus...

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  • Budweiser Solid Cologne


    The pocket-friendly tin is perfect for work, travel, or wherever your adventures take you. Scent Notes: Warm cedarwood with just a hint of smoke fo...

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  • Proper Cologne-Grant


    A fellow should have a signature scent that is recognized by those closest to him, not by Debbie in Human Resources. Inspired by nature, Proper Col...

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  • Handsome Man Travel Kit


    There's simply no reason to appear disheveled on your next business trip to Decatur. The Handsome Man Travel Kit contains TSA-friendly versions o...

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  • 17.5 Oz Thick Productivity


    Fact: teenage body washes are weak, watered down, and smell like Friday night at fraternity row. Simply put, they don't get the job done. Hard-work...

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  • Standard Issue Face Lotion


    Every day, dirt, grease, and the elements wage a silent war on your mug, making it hard for you to put your best face forward. Hard-working folks d...

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  • Pinup Big Ass Beer Soap


    Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap Brick for Men,10 oz. in WWII Limited Edition 1940's Era Pin-up Girl Box DOES NOT smell like beer. DOES have a pleasa...

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  • Solid Cologne Sea


    Hard-working men don't have time to screw around with messy sprays that leave them smelling like they were attacked by the perfume lady at the mall...

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