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Shop The Shoe Sale! Automatic 30% Discount Taken Off At Checkout!

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Our Story

I grew up in a family-owned business in our small town.  My grandparents owned and operated a hardware store and lumber yard, and my entire family worked there!  My grandparents’ home was attached to the store, so I grew up in that store six days a week and visited on Sunday.  My cousins and I “played store” until we were big enough to wait on customers and were put to work! Most kids had after school play time; we went to work! That feeling of family and the close ties we all had to the community, has always been my driving force to having my own business. We knew our customers by name, and most felt like family! 

As a young mother I taught myself how to sew and started embellishing outfits for my daughter and children of friends, which led to community trade shows.  I realized at that time our small town did not have a store for children, and so lit the fire of opening a children’s specialty store.  Over the years The Burlap Sack Originals, named for all the burlap we used embellishing overalls, has grown and changed along with me and our community into what it is today. Even in the beginning, I felt a strong connection to being a part of our local community and creating lasting relationships with staff and community members.

Over the years, as I grew older so did my purpose.  I felt the need to inspire young mom’s and older mom’s like me to feel confident and happy as their life roles changed! What better way to feel good about yourself than finding the best style for you to make you feel pretty and confident! Feel Good Fashion, so you can go about your day feeling the best you can be! Most women struggle to find balance, as they age!  Whether they are wrangling toddlers or calming the nerves of a teen-ager! Balancing a career, family and a husband and still being an individual is a common struggle among all women.  “Am I the Best I can be?” “Do I look good?” We all want that assurance and that is what inspires us at The Burlap Sack, to find the best pieces for busy women to feel confident, beautiful, and ready for any challenge!  

We hope you find the selections you need here at Burlap! We welcome questions and love providing personal service.  If we do not have what you need, we will be happy to help you find it! We often shop for those perfect pieces with a customer in mind! We love helping our customers find the perfect outfit. Feel Good Fashion for YOU! 

Thank you for Shopping Burlap! 

All my best,