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Duke Cannon Supply Co

  • Best Damn Beard Oil


    There is a fine line between the unruly beard of a grizzled mountain hobo and the dashing beard of a world champion. Go from unkempt to "kempt" wit...

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  • Busch Beer Soap


    Duke Cannon's idea of charcuterie is a plate of beef sticks with a bowl of flavored tortilla chips. And then washing it down with a cold, crisp Bus...

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  • Budweiser Solid Cologne


    The pocket-friendly tin is perfect for work, travel, or wherever your adventures take you. Scent Notes: Warm cedarwood with just a hint of smoke fo...

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  • Proper Cologne-Grant


    A fellow should have a signature scent that is recognized by those closest to him, not by Debbie in Human Resources. Inspired by nature, Proper Col...

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  • Handsome Man Travel Kit


    There's simply no reason to appear disheveled on your next business trip to Decatur. The Handsome Man Travel Kit contains TSA-friendly versions o...

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  • WW2 Big Ass Brick of Soap


    While other blue soaps are named "Ocean Force" or "Summer Mist," our blue soap is the only one big enough to be named "Naval Diplomacy." With a pac...

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  • Standard Issue Face Lotion


    Every day, dirt, grease, and the elements wage a silent war on your mug, making it hard for you to put your best face forward. Hard-working folks d...

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  • Pinup Big Ass Beer Soap


    Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap Brick for Men,10 oz. in WWII Limited Edition 1940's Era Pin-up Girl Box DOES NOT smell like beer. DOES have a pleasa...

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  • Solid Cologne Sea


    Hard-working men don't have time to screw around with messy sprays that leave them smelling like they were attacked by the perfume lady at the mall...

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